Rebirth through Spring

A new collaboration exploring &  re-imagining the music of modern Greece


Meaning “rebirth through Spring”  Ηχογέννηση (Ichoyennisi) aptly describes this collaboration of top Greek and Australian musicians from Canberra. Ichoyennisi presents songs by modern Greek composers Theodorakis, Hatzidakis, and Xarhakos, as well as some much loved Greek folk instrumental music.

Soloist Theodora Volti breathes new life into these modern classics which reflect the recent history of Greece.  Singing in Greek, Theodora communicates the Greek experience through her love of music, language and culture. Theodora is joined by Springtide - Jackie Luke (sandouri), Greg Wilson (harp, accordion) and Rita Woolhouse (cello,) and draws on the instrumental expertise of Amanda Pickering (violin), Sandy Gibbney (violin), and Jon Jones (percussion).

Pics from our highly successful concert at the High Court of Australia 10 March 2019