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The Eirini Ensemble  

The Eirini Ensemble 

In concert  @ Smith's Alternative
Tuesday 24 October 2023

Music by Theodorakis, Hatzidakis & more
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The Eirini Ensemble  presents Greek songs by composers Theodorakis, Hatzidakis, and Xarhakos, as well as some much loved Greek folk instrumental music. This collaboration of top Greek and Australian musicians from Canberra features soloist Theodora Volti. Singing in Greek, Theodora communicates the Greek experience through her love of music, language and culture.

The  Ensemble
Theodora Volti  ~ Voice
Jackie Luke ~ Sandouri, Voice
Greg Wilson ~ Harp, Accordion
Rita Woolhouse ~ Cello  
Amanda Pickering ~ Violin, Voice
Sandy Gibbney ~ Violin, Viola
Iska Sampson ~ Violin, Viola

Andrew Back ~ Piano, Mandola
Jon Jones ~ Percussion

Our Name

In a world marked by war, pandemic, and uncertainty the Eirini Ensemble brings to the concert stage songs of hope, struggle and survival from modern Greece. The name Eirini (Ειρήνη) means "Peace" in Greek language and Ichoyennisi (Ηχογέννηση) suggests rebirth with echoes of Spring. This perfectly describes our desire to breathe new life into these Greek classics. 

Our  Music
Listen to the Eirini Ensemble sing the Theodorakis classic Margarita Margiapoula.

Images from our highly successful concert at the High Court of Australia 10 March 2019

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