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"The fusion of sound between the three instruments, the many layers between instinct, technique, scholarship and pure hard work, have given rise to a group that you could place in front of anyone, anywhere."  
Carole Garland - Newcastle & Hunter Valley Folk Club, July 2014

"....One in particular that stood out for me was about the tragic 1863 Orpheus

shipwreck in the Manukau Harbour. It was written from the point of view of the figurehead on the prow of the ship. Jackie’s words were original, well - chosen and poignant with a family connection adding extra depth and meaning. The three Springtide performers are masters on their instruments, each taking their turn to wow us. There was

humour and toe-tapping, beauty and tragedy. We were even treated to a song from Lord of the Rings.If you missed the night, I hope this tells you something of what was and is the wonderful welcoming box of chocolates that is Acoustic Routes. If you were there, then I am sure you have your own delightful memories of the evening.

Sue Rose – Acoustic Routes Newsletter, Wellington


‘‘If music be the food of life, play on; give me excess of it." That quote from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night was how I felt at the end of the concert at the Wallace Gallery last Saturday night. In last Wednesday’s Piako Post I’d seen the article about the concert and the photo of the local musician Jackie Luke and her trio from

Australia. It was such a unique combination of instruments that  interested me and without ever having heard a dulcimer and I was attracted by the Celtic harp and the cello. What a small group of really talented musicians, so versatile with the variety of instruments they play, and what a beautiful ancient instrument the dulcimer is,  living up to its name‘‘sweet melody’’. The bonus about the concert was having it here in Morrinsville, not having to travelto Hamilton on a rainy night for acultural fix ! How blessed Morrinsville is to have the gallery for such events. If there was a tinge of disappointment about the concert it would be that there were not more people there to enjoy such  high class entertainment. ‘‘If music be the food of life, play on,’’ Springtide!
Sister Barbara Cameron, Piako Post 6 June 2015

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